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CompuHigh offers several diploma program options for high school students. Students enrolled in our diploma programs are attending a nationally accredited, private school called Whitmore School.  Whitmore School is fully accredited, and our students are accepted into colleges and universities throughout the country. 

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Whitmore School
Diploma Program

Whitmore School
Diploma PLUS Program

Cost:  $1185.00 per 12 months

Cost:  $1585.00 per 12 months

    In this program parents are responsible for following the student's progress

    The PLUS Program includes everything provided in the Diploma Program and more

  • Each class provides one-to-one interaction with a teacher. 
  • We are a mastery school.
  • Students work at their own pace.
  • Will transfer all credits from public or private accredited school. 
  • Students can complete up to 6 credits a year.
  • Students are responsible for setting a schedule to work on their courses daily.  
  • General or College Prep track.


  • Personal educational counselor. 
  • Weekly and monthly progress reports sent to parents via email. 
  • Phone calls from counselor to parents as needed. 
  • Monitoring of student's progress by counselor. 
  • Students can complete up to 6 credits a year.
  • NCAA diploma students must enroll in the Plus program. 
  • General or College Prep track.  


 Enroll Now!

Release of Records

 Enroll Now!

 NCAA Enrollment
Release of Records

Students can choose between two different tracks.

  • Students who plan to attend college need to follow the requirements for our College Prep track.
  • Students who do not plan to attend college should complete the requirements for our General Studies track.
  • Read this link to learn more about our acceptance of transfer credits-

General Studies Track - 18 credits

College Prep Track - 22 credits

  • 4.0 credits of English
  • 2.0 credits Social Studies
  • 2.0 credits Science
  • 2.0 credits Math
  • 1.0 credit PE
  • 1.0 credit Test Prep
  • 6.0 credits Electives


  • 4.0 credits of English
  • 2.0 credits Social Studies
  • 3.0 credits Science (2 lab sciences)
  • 3.0 credits Math
  • 1.5 credits PE
  • 0.5 credit Speech (Communications)
  • 1.0 credit Test Prep
  • 7.0 credits Electives (2 Foreign Language)


*Students enrolling as 12th graders must comply with our graduation requirements, completing at least 4.5 credits at CompuHigh/Whitmore School.  These credits will need to include a full credit of English 12, another core course (English, Math, Science, or Social Studies), and Test Prep. 

If you would like to have a transcript evaluation done, please click on the link, print and fill out the form TRANSCRIPT EVALUATION, and mail it with the transcript and $50 payment.  If you decide to enroll in our Diploma program the 50.00 will deducted from your tuition.

Students interested in joining any branch of US Military Forces - read this information



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