What does "mastery" mean at CompuHigh?

At CompuHigh, "mastery" education means that you get to revise each lesson until you are able to show full understanding of the concepts. After you have studied a lesson in a class and submit your assignment, your teacher will give you feedback about how you can do better with the assignment, errors you need to change, or which problems you need to redo. You will have to keep working on each lesson until you
master it. This can take some time, but if you work hard, in the end, you will truly understand your subjects, you will earn high grades, and you will reach your full potential!

CompuHigh’s mastery learning philosophy offers you the freedom and
responsibility of self-paced learning. You are accountable for mastering all the skills and content of each lesson regardless of the amount of time it takes you. Teachers meet you at your current level and provide the individualized mentoring needed for you to reach the learning objectives. No student falls behind, and no student is shuffled along without the skills needed to succeed in future course work and in life. In the process, you will also master important life skills such as time-management, effective communication, independence, and responsibility.