Whitmore School Diploma Program Enrollment Form  

Please print out, complete this form, and mail with a tuition check of $1185.00 (made payable to Compuhigh) to:
 DO NOT SEND BY CERTIFIED MAIL and make sure you check "WAIVER SIGNATURE" if sending by Priority Mail or Express mail.

Ellen Ray
125 Lake Vista Drive
Chapin, SC 29036


Name of Student   ________________________________________________________  

Street Address______________________________________________________  

City__________________________________State________ Zip Code_____________ 

(APO Addresses please state the country) ______________________________ 

Home Phone__________________________________________________________

Cell Phone ____________________________________________________________

Student's Email__________________________________________________________________This is required.

Parent's E-mail address __________________________________________________________

Date of Birth________________________Age_____________Sex_________Grade___________

Parent or Legal Guardian Name__________________________________________________________________

Name of Previous School(s)_____________________________________________________________________

How did you hear about our school?_________________________

If your school has referred you please give school name and school counselor name  ______________________________________

If referred by someone please tell us if it was a  friend, student, parent, teacher, school counselor ,etc_______________________________________________

Are you a NCAA eligible students?   YES or NO.   If yes, what sport? ____________________________________________

Previous official high school transcripts: 

I have included an official transcript with this enrollment form

Previous school mailed official transcript prior to enrollment

I mailed official transcripts prior to enrollment

I am filling out the Release of Records Form and sending it to student's previous school(s).


          Enrollments outside the 50 U.S. states must be paid by Bill Pay, Wire Bank Transfer or by a check from an American Bank. The tuition amount is in U.S. currency.

    ___ Paid in Full by Check

Check number ___________  
Date on Check ___________________
Check Amount____________________
Last Name on Check ___________________

   ___ Paid in Full by Money Order    # ___________________  Amount_________________

Please note:  All three checks must be sent with this enrollment form according to our payment plan listed at http://www.compuhigh.com/paymentplan.htm

1st Check #  _________   

Check Amt- __________

Check Date- __________

Last Name on Check-_____________________________

2nd Check # _________  

Check Amt- __________

Check Date- __________

Last Name on Check-_____________________________

3rd Check #  _________  

Check Amt- __________

Check Date- __________

Last Name on Check-_____________________________

    WHITMORE SCHOOL POLICIES   (All 6 sections must be signed for continuation of enrollment)

1. -- Enrollment  Policy--
Once we have received a formal transcript from the student's previous school, we will advise students of courses they need to complete for graduation. Students are responsible for communicating with their Guidance Counselor. Students are responsible for keeping track of lessons completed within a particular course, and submit appropriate documents upon completion. Students can complete 6 credits per enrollment year.  Enrollment is yearly, and students who wish to continue with us will need to re-enroll every 12 months. NCAA students must enroll in the PLUS program. Courses that are submitted to NCAA will require a proctored test upon completion.

Signature of Parent and/or Guardian ___________________________________________________________

2. -- Withdraw and Refund Policy --
A student may withdraw from Whitmore School upon written notification to the Registrar. Incomplete coursework is not considered a cancellation of enrollment. The enrollment fee can be refunded if a student withdraws in writing within ten days of enrollment, less a $75 administrative fee. No reduction or refund of fees are given in the case of student non-performance or lack of course completion 
Signature of Parent and/or Guardian ___________________________________________________________

 3. -- Returned Check Policy --
There will be a $25.00 fee for each returned check. If a check is returned CompuHigh will only accept money orders as replacement, and the student's password will be removed until this is received.  The money order is to be in the amount of the bounced check plus the $25.00 service fee.  The student's password will be removed until a replacement money order is received for the check amount plus the $25.00 fee.  We will not contact you if a payment is returned due to lack of funds, closed account, etc.  
Signature of Parent and/or Guardian ___________________________________________________________ 

 4. -- Standard of Conduct Policy --
Whitmore School students will agree to conform to the standards of conduct as posted at Policies http://www.compuhigh.com/policies.html.
Whitmore School reserves the right to expel any student without notice or refund in accordance with the policy posted on the site.

Signature of Parent and/or Guardian ___________________________________________________________

 5. -- Release of Information Policy--
Information pertaining to a student will be released only to persons who can provide the student’s password. In certain situations, including divorce, Whitmore School/CompuHigh may be legally required to release the account password to other persons, such as divorced parents.

Signature of Parent and/or Guardian ___________________________________________________________

 6. STUDENT SIGNATURE REQUIRED: I have also read and understand the above policies.

Student's  Signature ___________________________________________________________  


  Please provide us with additional information such as alternative phone numbers, custodial status, which parent student lives with, etc.






    CompuHigh/ Whitmore School does not discriminate based on race, class, national origin, religion, gender, or culture.