Proctored exam Procedures

 Fee for Proctored exam is $75.00 to be sent with exam.

1.   All course requirements/lessons must be completed and met before the student may take the proctored exam.  Students who wish to exam on Monday must set up the exam time to be no earlier than 10 a.m. EST. Tests cannot be taken over the weekend or holidays. The student must give at least a one-week notice providing all required information.

2.  The student is to provide the school with the name of the proctor, the proctor's phone number, and email address.  The proctor must be a professional such as a school teacher or librarian.  The proctor may not be a friend, family member or tutor. 

3.  The student will set up the exam date and time with the proctor and provide that information to Kathleen through the Proctored Exam link located in your File Cabinet, so that the exam may be sent to the proctor in a timely fashion.  The student must give at least a one-week notice providing all required information.  The proctored exam also cannot be taken after 4pm EST or over the weekend or holiday.

4.  The exam will be emailed to the proctor as a PDF attachment, the morning of the scheduled exam and may not be shown to the student prior to testing.

5.  The student is to provide a photo I.D. confirming his or her identity to the proctor as the student who will be completing the exam.  A copy of the student's  I.D. is to be returned with the exam for CompuHigh records.

6.  The proctor is to remain in the room during the entire exam.  The student may not be left alone with the exam at any time.

7.  Once the student receives the exam from the proctor, he or she must complete it in black ink only.  No outside sources may be used to assist the student in answering exam questions.  This includes but is not limited to the internet, books, translators, calculators (unless otherwise specified)*, other people, computers, cell phones.  Scrap paper may be used by the student to work out problems.

*Calculators---what may or may not be used during proctored exam.

Acceptable calculators
Calculators permitted during testing are:

  • Scientific calculators
  • Four-function calculators (not recommended)

If you have a calculator with characters that are one inch or higher, or if your calculator has a raised display that might be visible to other exam-takers, you will be seated at the discretion of the exam supervisor. You are not required to clear the memory on your calculator.

Unacceptable calculators
You are not allowed to use any of the following items as a calculator:

  • Laptop or a portable/handheld computer
  • Calculator that has QWERTY (keyboard-like) keypad, uses an electrical outlet, makes noise or has a paper tape
  • Electronic writing pad or pen-input/stylus-driven device
  • Pocket organizer
  • Cell phone calculator

8.  The student is to complete the exam the same day it is administered.  It may not take place over a series of days or over the weekend.  It is to be returned to CompuHigh via fax no later than 4 pm EST time.  The hard copy is mailed to the school.  The student is to return the exam and all scrap paper used to the proctor.

9.  The proctor is to sign the proctor form, provide a photocopy of his or her i.d. and send it along with the student's exam and other documents to:
FAX- 1844-857-0670
International Fax-

The original exam and documents are to be mailed the same day to:

Ellen Ray
125 Lake Vista Drive
Chapin, SC 29036


10. All exam documents are to be returned to CompuHigh.  No copies are of the exam and the student's answers are to be saved, nor should they be given to the student or parent.

11. A final grade for the exam will not be administered until the original document is on file.

12.  If a student does not pass a proctored exam, that course cannot be retaken. A passing exam score is 65%.  This exam counts for 50% of the student's final grade.